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Our manifesto

We believe that data science and machine learning are enablers of our modern society. Data rich processes are better informed, more efficient and ultimately lead to better decisions. This is increasingly true as we face new challenges in our society, across and between nations, but also as a species.

Therefore, we believe that:

  • Individuals, academics and researchers, engineers and data scientists, small companies and large enterprises alike, as well as nation states should be on a level playing field and have unbridled access to such resources and technologies.
  • Users should choose how they are deployed, on-premises or in a cloud-agnostic way.
  • Users should not be locked-in with any provider.
  • The open-source approach is a way to maximize adoption, trust and eco-systemic value creation.
  • Choosing open-source strengthens data and operational sovereignty at all levels.


Probabl was created as a private company in France, registered at the Trade and Companies Register under 979 093 523 (Paris RCS), with a purpose statement and triple mission explicitly defined in the bylaws, as follows:

Original statement of purpose in French:

La raison d'être de la Société est de développer, maintenir à l'état de l'art et pérenniser un ensemble complet d'outils open source pour la science des données au bénéfice de la France, de l'Union Européenne et du Monde.

English Translation:

The purpose of the Company is to develop, maintain at the state of art, and sustain a complete suite of open source tools for data science, to benefit France, the EU and the rest of the World.

The mission unfolds along 3 axes:

  • A regional mission of technological and economic sovereignty, anchored in France and Europe.
  • A global technological, commercial and industrial mission.
  • A universal humanist mission, upholding to the highest social and societal standards from France and Europe, with a global reach.

The mission is long term, designed to provide universal benefits to its stakeholders and shareholders alike. Our commercial activities will unfold to support the long term mission, including but not limited to training, support, certification, hosting and providing managed services, professional services…


(to be refined; in the meantime, thank you for the inspiration.)

  • Supporting the whole long-term ecosystem rather than individual stakeholder gain.
  • Openness rather than proprietary lock-in.
  • Interoperability rather than fragmentation.
  • Cross-platform rather than platform-specific.
  • Collaboration rather than competition.
  • Accessibility rather than elitism.
  • Transparency rather than stealth.


Governance has been designed to be balanced across 3 types of shareholders: public shareholders, private shareholders, co-founding and employee shareholders.


The company was incorporated on September 15, 2023.
A beginning.